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What I give my 6 month old for lunch with Baby-led weaning

The beginning of our weaning journey

Baby lunch plate

When we started our weaning journey I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do, where I wanted to start or even how to navigate all the options. In short, I was a first-time mum, questioning the minefield of advice and just deciding to forge my own way, with my eye on safety advice.

I started with what you would call traditional weaning, mashes and puree mostly and trying to spoon-feed them into Hadley’s mouth. I say trying because Hadley really wasn’t up for being spoon-fed in any way, shape or form. Hadley showed us from the word go that she was the independent woman we are raising her to be and with that, she wanted to do this weaning thing all by herself. So it was goodbye to puree food and spoons and onto a brand new world of baby-led weaning. 

Now for clarity’s sake, I think because I started with first tastes and spoon-feeding that I am not a Baby-led weaning purist, however as with anything parenting related (and life related if I come to think of it) I march to the beat of my own drum and don’t really try and fit myself into any little boxes. So with that said, on we go!

Moving onto a baby-led way of life

With Hadley wanting to do everything herself along came the world of having to create her little meals to go alongside ours, and while we often give her either the same as us or certainly a version of ours, sometimes I do her separate meals entirely.

Today I wanted to come on and share one of Hadley’s favourite (can I say favourite if she’s only been eating for a couple of weeks?) lunches and I found it the least stressful when starting a more baby-led approach. I am going to share the recipe card below so you can save it and refer to it if you want to at a later date. As I said, this isn’t a complicated recipe at all, just one to get you started if you are looking for ideas, whether you are doing traditional weaning or baby-led weaning.

Also, how cute is her Bamboo Bamboo Bunny plate from Amazon, I’m still wondering if I can get away with eating out of a bowl this adorable at 34 years old. Answers on a postcard…

I am just getting started on our baby-led journey and this is just one of the recipes I have found that Hadley (and me!) have gotten on really well with. I have the same as her and just add a little bacon, but it’s totally up to you.

Lunch plate

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