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Second Trimester Update

As I edge towards the end of my pregnancy I thought it might be about to time to get my second trimester update posted, before I miss it entirely, especially as I should really start making some notes so a third trimester update actually happens at some point – I may even try and do an update in the final week of my pregnancy just so it gets done before the fourth trimester and newborn bubble begins.

The glorious trimester

In my first pregnancy my second trimester glow was short lived, by being bogged down with SPD, heart palpitations and generally not feeling great. I am happy to report that my second trimester this time has been absolutely glorious, the trimester I never got the first time round for sure. I have in general felt good, my heart palpitations were minimal (I’ve had that treat in the third trimester this time), I wasn’t tired, I felt almost my normal pre-pregnancy self and at times ‘forgot’ I was pregnant. It was definitely the easiest and most enjoyable trimester.

The big scan

Of course the second trimester bought with it the big anomaly scan and I was nervous. After the on/off gastroschisis diagnosis of the first trimester I have to say it was still hanging over my head a little bit. I was nervous that it was going to show up again just as I had got my mind around everything that happened around 12-14 weeks. We did however get the all clear and it was such a relief to get through that.

The midwife & consultant appointments started

After the pre-eclampsia diagnosis in my previous pregnancy my midwife appointments were set to start at 24 weeks and continue every two weeks until the end of my pregnancy, along with some consultant appointments thrown in too.

The second trimester was wonderful this time round and it was a joy, as well as often forgetting I was pregnant, that is life with a toddler for sure. After the busy time at the end of the first trimester it was definitely nice to be able to enjoy the second trimester a little more. If you want to continue to follow my second pregnancy in real time, head over to Instagram!

Now, onto the third trimester…

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  1. April 27, 2021 / 10:45 pm

    I’m glad your scans were all clear. Its so lovely watching your bump grow and you get ready over on your IG. I hope you third trimester goes well for you x

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