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Peanut butter cup protein shake

My favourite protein shake…

After I posted my last recipe, my strawberry and vanilla cupcake protein shake, I did promise that I would come back and tell you all about my chocolate peanut butter cup flavoured Shake, because it is just too divine not to share it. I have been mixing this one up a little recently, and if you ever read my previous post you will have seen that I talked about not only the chocolate peanut butter cup shake, but also a cherry bakewell inspired shake as well. Well I love chocolate, love peanut butter and I love cherries so I have been adding them all in together to make the most amazing tasting chocolate peanut butter cup shake and I am coming to you today with a recipe that will blow your mind. I’m going to talk to you a little bit about why I love this shake, why adding protein to my diet is so important, why you should consider adding protein to your diet too and of course the recipe to make this tasty shake for yourself.

Why protein is so important for us…

My previous post about protein and why it is such an important nutrient for us to add into our diets. This is a vegetarian blog so I don’t want to talk too much about anything that’s not vegetarian, but many people would presume on the whole we should get our protein from meat, however we all know that this is not the case. That is, in fact, a very old school way of thinking. Many of us, meat eaters or not, are not getting enough daily protein into our diets. It is such an amazing nutrient and helps the aid the repair every single cell in our bodies. Let that sink in for a moment. EVERY. SINGLE. CELL. It is also great at helping with tissue repair, our hormones, our blood, building lean muscle and much more. Because protein is a macronutrient, which means it is needed in large amounts in our diet, our body often has no reserves on which to use when we are running low. This is one of many reasons why I am a huge advocate of a daily protein shake being so beneficial to your health. Not only is it tasty, keeps you full and provides you with a load of nutrients, it is also going to ensure you get all the protein that your body needs. As you can tell protein is extremely important.

And what about Amino Acids?

When we digest protein we leave behind something called amino acids, which are essential for our body and health. Anything that is a complete protein will provide your body with all the amino acids that it needs. The protein that we use has all 9 branched-chain amino acids which are considered essential amino acids for our body and our health. We must get them into our diet from outside means because our bodies do not produce them by themselves. Yet another reason why a protein shake can be so beneficial in your diet. I said in my previous post that I really do try and stay consistent and have a protein shake everyday. Recently I have been using this recipe adding oats and having this for my breakfast. It is fun, tasty, healthy, me all the protein that I need, gives me all the branched chain amino acids that my body needs and it keeps me full until lunch time.
If you want to read more about protein and why I think it is such an important part of our diet, be sure to check out my previous blog post where I make a yummy strawberry and vanilla cupcake protein shake. I go into great detail there all about protein and why it is so important.
Ok, now let us get on with the recipe.

Chocolate peanut butter cup protein shake recipe


  • 1 large handful of cherries, either fresh or frozen (I prefer frozen because it makes a lovely cold shake).
  • 250ml any non dairy milk of your choosing.
  • 1 scoop of It Works chocolate protein shake powder.
  • 1 TBSP of PB Fit peanut butter powder.
  • 1 TBSP of organic cacao powder.
  • 1 – 2 TBSP of organic oats (optional).


  • Add your cherries into a blender cup an ad half of your milk.
  • Blend until smooth.
  • Cacao powder and peanut butter powder and again until smooth.
  • Add your chocolate protein shake powder and blend.
  • Add in the rest of your milk and blend.
  • If you are using oats in Wanted 2 tablespoons of organic oats and blend to mix.



This shake tastes so good and here is why:

  • It tastes just like a chocolate peanut butter cup.
  • Complete protein your body all essential branched-chain amino acids.
  • It is dairy free, gluten free and soy free.
  • It is suitable for vegans.
  • Plant based.
  • It is non GMO, meaning that none of the ingredients have been genetically modified.
  • It has 15 grams of organic plant based protein (organic sprouted brown rice & yellow pea proteins).
  • The only sugar you will find in this shake is naturally occurring from the fruit.
  • Only 5 grams of carbohydrates,
  • The shake alone, if mixed with water, is only 100 calories.
  • It will keep you full and stop you snacking.
  • Give your body the protein that it needs.
This shake is my absolute favourite; I love the flavour, I love the cherries, it is clean, healthy and enables me to nourish my body with everything it needs.

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