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Quick Non-Cook Mexican Beans

Quick non-cook Mexican beans

In our house we love Mexican night, we always have done long before we started following any particular nutritional paths and as our thoughts and tastes change I have developed some amazing new recipes, one of which I want to bring to you today!



Black beans are packed with nutrients such as fibre, potassium, Folate and Vitamin B6. Black beans are full of photo-nutrients (meaning they are plant based) and help to support heart health, lowering cholesterol and decreasing the risk of heart disease. The green lentils are a brilliant source of folate, as well as being a good source of fibre, copper, phosphorus and manganese. Also, if that wasn’t enough they have a load of vitamins and minerals packed into them, such as iron, protein, Vitamin B1, pantothenic acid, zinc and potassium. WOW!


We also know that tomatoes are great too, helping us with vitamin A, C and K, as well as vitamin B6 and folate. They are recorded as helping issues such as diabetes, lowering cholesterol and reducing blood pressure. Plus, this recipe included Jalapeno peppers, which have been mentioned in terms of reducing high blood pressure, helping arthritis, headaches and weight loss, along with many other illnesses and ailments. This recipe is a complete gamechanger for your health!



Quick Non Cook Mexican Beans


  • Black beans (230g)
  • Green lentils (230g)
  • Tomatoes chopped (I use little plum tomatoes and I quarter them)
  • Jalapeno peppers
  • 2 teaspoons Garlic powder
  • 2 teaspoons Paprika
  • 2 teaspoons Cumin



  • Drain the beans and lentils and add to a large bowl.
  • Chop tomatoes and add to bowl
  • Chop the Jalapeños and add them to the bowl
  • Mix the spices together, add to the bowl and mix all.
  • It is now ready to serve. You could have it in tacos, wraps or eat it as it is!


I use the organic black beans and green lentils from Sainsbury’s and they just require draining before use.


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