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Living intentionally + join my FREE inspired living series

It’s been a year, actually, it’s been two. Living through a pandemic is anything but easy but something these last two years have enabled me to do is live life a little more intentionally. Spending more time at home than ever before has made me think more about our home, the way it is organised, how the spaces we have ebb and flow, and more importantly it has taught me how to live with less.

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There are so many things in the way we chose to live overall that I have been thinking about recently and I have been unpicking how it is all connected. Slow living, living with less, living small, and intentional and inspired living is my jam. We don’t live in the biggest, most expensive home but it is my dream. It’s a space I have loved to create, being inspired by living with less.

What inspired living is all about?

Living a slow, more intentional way of living is a wonderful adventure. It is a constant work in progress and consequently is something that people always want to know more about, especially over on Instagram. About the connection between being intentional about the way we live, living with less, decluttering, creating intentional spaces around our home, our commitment to living a more simple life, the way we approach our finances, consumerism, our commitment to being as eco-conscious as possible, our wellbeing and even down to our digital connections. It is all connected and it runs so deep. It is a wonderful journey as you slowly unpick it all and unlock how to live a more intentional, inspired life.

I am about to embark on a fresh start (when it comes to our home) on the other side of Christmas and I would love for you to join me. I have created a fun and inspiring email series where I’ll be sharing my thoughts about why we started living intentionally and why it works along with my best tips for decluttering, organising, and what I have found works over the past few years. Plus there will be lots of freebies to help you simplify your home, your life and live that slow, intentional life you’ve always dreamed of.

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Join us on this journey

You still have time to join us on the journey we’re going to take together early next year. Just pop your details in the box below and we’ll be starting in the new year.

You will hear from me once a week, on Sunday morning, with a little email covering some of my favourite topics and tips when it comes to living more intentionally.

Inspired Living in 2022
Join me as we embark on a fresh start to 2022.
I’ll be sharing what made us choose to live a slower, more intentional life, why it works, things that I have found work best for us along with my best tips for decluttering, organising and lots of freebies to help you simplify your home, your life and beyond.
Thank you for subscribing!

I can’t wait to see you there and to take this journey together.

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