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Unlocking a simpler life with minimalism – with Shannon from Simpl Living Co

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Shannon, a professional organiser from the Simpl Living Co to dive into a conversation about minimalism. Shannon helps people get on top of their clutter and guides them towards living the simple and clutter-free life they desire. But her work goes far beyond that too, with her goal being to empower people to live a life free from the constraints of what society tells us we need in order to be happy. 

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So how can you start to live that life free of clutter and free from the shackles that consumerism places on us? 

I know the thought of minimalism can often make us feel somewhat panicked, this idea that we can only own two t-shirts or a solitary pair of jeans? It can feel so impractical as I think most of us would agree that breaking the chains of need vs want can be so difficult to do. But wait, have we been sold a dud? Surely there is more to minimalism than this right? 


Let’s dive into it

In a world that is constantly switched on, that functions on capitalising on our wants, needs, and desires it’s no wonder we are largely all beholden with stuff. We live in homes that we could easily fit it, but then we add in too much furniture, then too much stuff, and then more furniture in order to store all the stuff. It’s a modern nightmare. Yet it is so hard to break free from the chains of capitalism and consumerism. We’re relentlessly inundated with messages dictating what we should acquire in order to find happiness, never once stopping to realise that true happiness is never found in the stuff we own, but instead in the life we experience.

Minimalism is such a refreshing antidote to all this when you think about it, it’s a liberating way of life that can empower us to shed the burdens of these societal expectations and helps us to embark on a journey toward authentic contentment, contentment outside of our stuff.

When we commit to simplifying our lives, we can redirect our focus away from the sole pursuit of material possessions. Instead, minimalism encourages us to cherish the moment, relationships and experiences that truly matter in our lives.

The Essence of Minimalism

Minimalism goes beyond the mere act of decluttering physical belongings; it’s a profound process of decluttering our lives from the relentless grip of consumerism, societal pressures, and superficial desires. By simplifying our existence, we unshackle ourselves from the perpetual chase for “more” and rediscover the beauty of the present moment and meaningful experiences.

Living with Purpose

At its core, minimalism calls us to live with purpose. It encourages us to place our values, relationships, and personal growth at the forefront, prioritising them over the accumulation of material possessions. In essence, it’s a way to align our lives with what genuinely matters to us, rather than being driven by external societal expectations.

The Liberation of Freedom

Embracing minimalism provides the invaluable gift of freedom. It liberates us from the burdens of excess clutter, overcommitment, and the ceaseless pursuit of external validation. In return, it opens the door to living authentically, harmoniously, and in resonance with our true values.

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And there you have it! I hope this went some way to explaining why minimalism isn’t about owning nothing and isn’t about sacrifice: it’s about gaining the freedom to live authentically and joyfully. Join myself and Shannon in this empowering episode to liberate your life from societal expectations and discover the profound contentment that comes with intentional living. You can find the episode by searching for The Slow Living Collective wherever you listen to you listen to your podcasts. 

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