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Self care tips for new mums

Self care is everywhere right now; reasons why we should be doing it, what we should be doing and how we should be doing it, but when it comes to motherhood the biggest hurdle is finding the time in the midst of changing nappies, feeding and trying to get in as much sleep as possible. 

When you’re a new mum (or dad) the only thing you are thinking about is surviving and I know for us in those first few weeks it was all about survival mode. That being said, when the newborn haze has lifted, you start to feel a little more yourself and you finally feel like you’re ready to start taking care of yourself a little more there are so many things you can start working into your crazy routine to help you feel good about yourself.

Listen to a podcast:

This is honestly my go-to when I get up every day because it helps inspire me and feel like I can do anything. I am really into personal development in every way but motherhood for me has definitely meant less time to sit and read a book (real talk: I’ve not picked up a book since pregnancy) but what I do have every single day is my ears open and ready to listen. My little girl is 8 months old, she doesn’t talk to me in much more than baby babble and I am home with her full time, so adult conversation is thin on the ground at times when I am not around my husband, out with family or seeing friends. Enter some of my favourite podcasts. I can look after, interact, play and take care of my daughter and still have something going on in the background. My podcast of choice is Jenna Kutcher, but you can literally find a topic that suits you and find a podcast that you would love to listen to. I promise this is one thing that can really turn my mood around.

Say No:

Learn that it is ok to say no. If you don’t want people to come round when you have just got home or after the baby has had a bad day/night then it is ok to say no. Parenting isn’t easy and some days you just need space, a breather and a day at home in your pj’s to rebalance. That’s ok. Equally, if you are the opposite and feel like you need company then call up a friend, family member or pop along to a local baby group and talk.

Books and laptop stacked on table

Take time for yourself:

This might seem like a no-brainer but it is honestly not easy to always find the time for yourself in those early days/weeks and even months. If you’re able to find a few moments to yourself then indulge in something you enjoy.

Be kind to yourself:

Give yourself some grace, as a new mum you have so much on your plate, from taking care of this brand new little baby to sleepless nights, endless feeding and recovering from labour. One of the biggest things I learnt is to take each day at time, and just be kind to yourself. Some days you will feel like you have it all together, sometimes you will feel like you couldn’t do a worst job if you tried. That’s motherhood and even when you feel like you’re at your doing a bad job you are still an absolutely amazing mama. 

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