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Preparing for Seasonal Living: Five Essential Tips for Embracing Autumn

The slow transition from the balmy days of summer to the cosy embrace of autumn isn’t just a shift in weather; it’s a call to align our lives with the rhythm of nature. As the leaves change colour and the temperatures drop, it’s the perfect time to prepare ourselves for living seasonally. Whether this is the first time you are coming across living seasonally or whether you are just ready to start aligning your life with the seasons, I want to share with you some great tips to help you get started and start where you are at. Here’s a guide on how to fully immerse yourself in the magic of autumn and harmonise with the changing seasons.

1. Reset Your Mindset

Autumn is a time of slowing down and coming inside. Inside your home and inside yourself, and for that it is the perfect time for reflection and gratitude. As the year begins its slow wind down, it’s an opportune moment to:

  • Journal: Set aside some time each day to jot down your thoughts, accomplishments, and aspirations. Reflect on the year that’s passed and the one that lies ahead. You don’t have to journal with any intention, but instead with just what is on your mind.
  • Meditation: As nature slows down, so can you. Incorporate daily meditation into your routine to connect with the present and prepare mentally for the cooler days. My biggest tip when starting a mindfulness practice is to find a guided practice on Youtube or by downloading an app such as Headspace or Calm. Remember, meditation isn’t about having a quiet mind, but more about acknowledging your thoughts.
  • Gratitude Practice: Embrace the season by listing things you’re thankful for. This daily practice can shift your focus from what’s lacking to the abundance around you.My favourite gratitude planner is this one.

2. Revamp Your Diet with Seasonal food

One of the purest joys of autumn is the bounty of produce it offers. Embrace the season by:

  • Exploring Farm shops: Get a taste of autumn with squashes, apples, beetroot, leek, and more. Support local farmers and enjoy fresh, organic produce.
  • Trying New Recipes: Dust off that cookbook, ask Chat GPT or search Pinterest and dive into recipes featuring autumnal produce. Think pumpkin soups, apple pies, roasted root vegetables, and warming spiced drinks.
  • Preserving: Prepare for the colder months by pickling, fermenting, or jam-making to ensure you’ve got a touch of autumn in your pantry all year round.

3. Reorganise and Declutter

Much like spring, autumn is an ideal time for decluttering and organising your home. For me, living in a small home means I enjoy these between seasons (spring and autumn) as a time to re-evaluate the things around our home.

  • Wardrobe Transition: Store away your summer clothes and pull out those cosy autumn clothes such as jumpers and hoodies, scarves, and boots. It’s also an excellent opportunity to donate items you no longer wear. I do this for myself and both children.
  • Home Décor: I am the person who enjoys decorating our home for the season and autumn is my favourite season to decorate for. If you are interested in decorating for autumn you can go far beyond seasonal nature decor and pumpkins. Introduce warmer colours and textures to your home, add cushions and some warmer toned throws, and seasonal inspired decorations.
  • Digital Declutter: Clean up your devices by organising files, reading all your emails, deleting unnecessary items, and updating software.

4. Connect with Nature

Even as the weather grows cooler you can still make an effort to stay connected with nature and get outside, if that is a possibility for you.

  • Nature Walks: Revel in the beauty of the changing landscape. Regular walks can also help combat the early onset of seasonal affective disorder that some people experience. Getting outside in the sunshine and daylight is so important for your physical and mental health – if you can get out for at least half an hour before 10am.
  • Gardening: Prepare your garden for the colder months. Plant bulbs for spring, clear out spent summer crops, and mulch your beds. I also like to bed down my allotment and balcony for winter which includes covering the beds so I don’t have too much work the otherside of winter.
  • Nature Crafts: Collect fallen leaves, pine cones, and acorns for DIY autumnal crafts. It’s a fantastic activity for kids and adults alike.

5. Prioritise Self-care and Wellness

Autumn can bring with it a shift in energy as the days get shorter with less sunlight, which may require additional self-care:

  • Skincare: The colder air can be drying. Introduce natural skincare options such as tallow.
  • Stay Active: While you might be tempted to stay in, ensure you have an indoor exercise routine ready for those rainy days.
  • Mental Health: With shorter days and less sunlight, be conscious of your mental well-being. Seek professional help if needed and consider investing in a light therapy lamp if you’re prone to seasonal mood shifts. Getting out into the sunshine/daylight can really help.

Embracing Autumn Wholeheartedly

Living seasonally through autumn is about more than just adjusting to the cooler temperatures; it’s about aligning our habits, routines, and mindset with the natural ebb and flow of the earth’s rhythms. By immersing ourselves in the spirit of the season, we can find greater joy, appreciation, and balance in our daily lives. So, let’s welcome autumn with open arms and warm hearts.

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