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Minimal & Bright FREE Lightroom preset

When it comes to photography I have to say that I am addicted. I love to create and style the perfect shot, and then I really enjoy creating and editing the photos after. I wouldn’t say I am particularly good or knowledgeable when it comes to photography, I am self taught and I do what I love, but I kind of love that about what I do.

Something I particularly love is the editing process. I love to take a good photo, that I am pleased with, and make it great. I use Adobe Lightroom Presets for my photography and ever since I discovered the app a couple of years ago I have found it has been a lifesaver for my content.

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Why do I use Lightroom?

If you’ve been a follower of mine for a while then you will probably know that I sell my own Lightroom Presets, presets that I have created myself which help to give your photos a similar looking aesthetic, something that is fairly commonplace amongst content creators on apps such as Instagram. I delve into much more detail about why I love Lightroom presets and how I edit my photos in a previous blog post. 

I wanted to give you guys something today – I know so many of you don’t quite know what Lightroom is or just how you go about using it, what a preset is and so much more. 

Lead with authenticity

I am always keen to express that I build my platform on a basis of honesty and authenticity. I believe this is really the only way to see sustained growth and build a community on Instagram. For that reason I never physically edit people in any way, and a preset is much like a filter only it will do things like bring up the brightness, or colours. I really do find so much joy in creating the “perfect” photo (although nothing is ever perfect), and aesthetically pleasing content really is everything to me.

Grab your FREE lightroom preset

Today I wanted to gift you all a free lightroom preset to try – this is a bright and minimal preset – dulling down some of the brighter colours, bringing forward the bright and the whites. I really love how it turned out and I hope you love it too. 

To download it just pop your email below and it’ll take you straight to the downloadable file and also a PDF telling you how to use it too. 

Download your free lightroom preset
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Enjoy this free preset and be sure to check out my Lightroom Preset packs that I have for sale – I love them all but my favourite is definitely the Signature preset pack. I have used this pack for over a year and I love it.

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