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I want to invite you into my simple living community.

I am beyond thrilled to finally spill the beans on something I’ve been passionately working on for the past 18 months – introducing The Slow Living Collective Membership Community! If you caught a sneak peek in last week’s email, you already know the excitement I’m talking about.

And guess what? The doors are officially open, welcoming new members to join the movement. The cherry on top? It’s all happening on Substack, meaning you’ll find the good stuff directly in your inbox, hassle-free.

This project has been a labour of love, and I can’t express how eager I am to share it with you. So, sit back, relax, and let me take you on a journey into the heart of slow living. Welcome to The Slow Living Collective!

Why a paid community, and why now?

For quite some time, I’ve yearned for something more — more community, deeper connections, and a space to engage with kindred spirits. This longing gave birth to The Slow Living Collective, and now, I’m eager to delve into the ‘collective’ aspect of this mission. It’s a space where I can explore more profoundly, connecting with individuals who share my thoughts and feelings. It’s a chance to offer support and inspiration to those just beginning their journeys into simple living. After all, we were all beginners once.

My inclination to resist societal norms has only grown stronger over time. The more I learn and evolve, the more I find solace in stepping away from the rat race and the monotony of modern societal living. I’ve come to realise the power in simplicity, in true alignment with oneself. What’s most uplifting is discovering a community of like-minded individuals who share similar sentiments.

Some are taking their first steps on this path, while others have been here for a while. Yet, we all share common intentions, feelings, and ideas. We aspire to a life that is slower, simpler, intentional, and purposeful. A life that feels right, uniquely tailored to each individual. It’s not about dedicating ourselves to the hustle or grind but filling our lives with pockets of simplicity, each defined in our own way.

So, why a membership?

This decision has been a careful and contemplative journey for me, as I questioned whether it was the right path. I experimented with various approaches, learning more about what didn’t align with my vision. Returning to my essence, I found comfort in a place where accessibility is effortless — a place where everything I offer is within reach, whether on your phone, through an app, or in your inbox. It’s a realm of simplicity, of words, of community.

On Substack. And this feels like the right choice.

Social media, while an ok platform for sharing, doesn’t offer the depth I aspire to share. It’s a shared space, subject to the ebb and flow of followers, algorithms and owned by someone else. It’s a starting point, but not a space for delving into the meaningful topics that resonate.

Confronting the initial discomfort of charging for my content, I took a moment to sit with myself. I realised that asking for payment is not just acceptable; it’s necessary. Over nearly two decades, I’ve contributed free content on the internet — guides, resources, ebooks, podcasts, and articles. I’ve shared abundantly without asking for payment, providing everything needed for embracing a slower, simpler life. Now, I yearn to go deeper, and there’s nothing wrong with valuing my work. It’s time to advocate for myself and the hard work invested in The Slow Living Collective, both online and offline.

This membership option allows me to delve profoundly into my work — from yoga, mindfulness, and meditation to embracing slow, simple, and seasonal living. It’s a step that empowers both you and me to walk the path of simplicity, authenticity, and intention more intentionally. Together.

So, what’s included in The Slow Living Collective Membership?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to emphasise that there will be no changes to my free content. I’ll continue to write weekly on topics related to slow, simple, and intentional living. Free resources, guides, and content will still be produced to assist you on your journey to simplicity. Recognising that additional paid content may not fit into everyone’s budget, this commitment to free content will continue.

The membership is an opportunity to delve deeper, forge stronger connections, and find support on your journey—both from me and fellow members. In a world that rushes by, leaving many feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, this community stands as a sanctuary where you can:

  • Dive deeper into the path of slowing down and embracing simplicity.
  • Explore profound topics related to slow living, simplicity, and intentionality.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals who share your values and provide support.
  • Learn from experts in the fields of slow living, mindfulness, and intentional living.
  • Access exclusive additional resources, workshops, and content to bolster your journey to simplicity.
  • Cultivate a profound appreciation for slow, simple, and seasonal living, harmonising with nature.
  • Access more content on yogic and mindful living to aid your journey to simplicity.
  • Enjoy premium monthly podcast episodes.
  • Participate in the monthly Simplicity Circle for paid members (live, with recordings available shortly after).
  • And much more.

A Community That Supports You

The Slow Living Collective isn’t just a community; it’s a lifeline for those seeking a calmer, more meaningful existence. Here, you’ll find the encouragement and knowledge you need to make lasting changes in your life.

What you can expect from our community:

  • Members-only insiders podcast and Substack posts monthly.
  • Exclusive Instagram stories.
  • Access to exclusive workshops, webinars, and courses.
  • A dedicated chat for paid members.
  • Discounts on courses and workshops.
  • And much, much more.

The Slow Living Collective Membership Community stands as a sanctuary for those desiring a more serene and purposeful lifestyle. Within our welcoming and supportive environment, members can uncover the art of slowing down, simplifying their lives, and discovering meaning in every moment.

With exclusive entry to resources, workshops, and a community of kindred spirits, our collective empowers members to lead purposeful lives, cultivate mindfulness, and attune themselves to the rhythms of the seasons. Together, we cultivate a space where the elegance of simplicity and mindful living can be fully embraced, enriching our lives with balance, gratitude, and harmony.

My ultimate goal is to create a nurturing space where we all feel held and supported on our journey towards simplicity. Whether you opt for the paid membership or remain a free subscriber, rest assured that my commitment to providing free content remains unchanged. Expect continued guidance in crafting the slow and simple life you aspire to.

I express deep gratitude to each of you, and I eagerly anticipate exploring the realms of simplicity with all of you in 2024.

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