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Honey & Mustard Halloumi Burger

The sun is shining (somewhat sporadically, but it has potential) and for many BBQ season is in full swing if the air around Hertfordshire is anything to go by. I’ve never been a big BBQ fan, mainly because it’s a lot of faff and I always end up with burnt food, but I do like cooking BBQ food in the oven and eating it outside if that counts.

So while the sun was shining last week and the smell of BBQ lingered in the air I decided to whip up this Halloumi burger which is the perfect accompaniment for vegetarians at a BBQ (or just on a summer night when you want to pretend you’re down for the BBQ-ing). If you’re looking for a meat eaters homemade recipe you can re-create at a BBQ try my Homemade Burger Patties recipe.

The How’s and the What’s!

Halloumi on bread roll and lettuce

The Verdict

I made this totally on a whim and it tasted delicious, even better because we sat out on our balcony eating it while enjoying some Elderflower wine (which is also a gamechanger by the way). You can literally try this halloumi burger with any kind of marinade – I think we might try chipotle next! I served this with some skinny chips but it would also go down a treat with a great greek (or standard) salad.

Let me know below if you try this or what fun flavours you fancy giving a try! Also let me know if you’re a halloumi addict like I am!

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