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Homemade Burger Patties & Fresh Salad

Let’s face it time isn’t always on our side when it comes to preparing delicious meals during the week most of us just don’t have the time we would love to be able to cook some scratch, so as well as some more elaborate dishes you will also find some quick, simple and budget friendly recipes on these pages too.

I decided a long time ago that instead of buying burger patties from the supermarket it was far easier to make them myself, not only did it only take me less than 10 minutes to make a whole batch (and the extras you can put between parchment paper and freeze until you need them, I freeze them in batches of 2’s) but also I knew that there was nothing added in as extra that you might find in a shop bought or restaurant bought burger.

You will need:

  • Ground/Minced Beef.
  • Burger cheese of your choice (I actually use violife vegan cheese – the irony given that I am putting it on meat).
  • Violife Vegan Mediterranean cheese block (Halloumi would work just as well).
  • Mixed salad: Romaine lettuce, Bell peppers, plum tomatoes, Cucumber.
  • Dressing: Extra Virgin Olive Oil


What you need to do:

Add your ground beef into a bowl and season. I love using steak seasoning along with pepper, but you can really tailor your burger patties to your own taste here.
Mix together by hand.
By hand, form burger patties and add them to a baking sheet.
Cook until pipping hot, brown and cooked through on the inside.
This burger patty recipe is quick, simple and easy, and although I am not the greatest fan of dipping my hand in raw meat, I have found you can make a huge batch all in one go and freeze them, meaning you have quick on the go meals for other times too.

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