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Create your own Instagrammable walking tour of London!

A post about how you can create your own instagrammable walking tour of London and get all those photos you’ve been dying to snap.

Where to start with your Instagrammable walking tour

Can you believe this is even a thing? Ha! But if you’re like me and love to capture beautiful photos and sometimes share them over on Instagram (I say sometimes because I have so many unused photos that I just loved at the time) then you might be interested in this little tour around London.

There are so many beautiful places throughout London where you can take amazing photos and I have no doubt that as time goes on I will be adding to this list. Today I am going to focus on a few key areas, some more touristy than others, but all equally as beautiful when you are looking to get that shot.


The hustle and bustle of London’s Southbank is not to be missed, whether you arrive by tube or across the Millennium bridge (which is another cracking spot to take a great photo) you won’t be disappointed with what greets you at Southbank. Quirky bars, food trucks, restaurants, street art, and amazing views. We found this gorgeous flower wall too which is perfect for those Instagram photos. Keep your eyes peeled for brightly coloured walls and artwork.
Tube: Waterloo, Blackfriars, Temple


Home of street art, you will find yourself in paradise if a beautiful wall is what you are looking for. Many of the street artists do tag their own work so keep an eye out and credit them where possible. You will find independent cafes, restaurants and bars, quirky side streets and more stuff to Instagram than you can swing your smartphone at.
Tube: Old Street

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is always beautiful in my opinion and at different times of year have different things you can take photos of. More recently there were some wonderful flower installations (which looked amazing on Instagram!) but I am certain you can find a few amazing places to photograph any time of the year. Covent Garden is often busy with tourists but well worth the trip.
Tube: Covent Garden

girl in front of flower wall

Neals Yard

This tiny little yard right near Covent Garden is beautiful. Bright little shop fronts, unique boutique style shops and a quiet haven away from the hustle and bustle of London. Just a stone’s throw from Covent Garden you can only enter Neals yard via a small alley, so definitely one to use Google maps for. It can get quite busy but people generally move through quite quickly.
Tube: Covent Garden

Notting Hill

Home of beautiful, expensive and colourful homes, Notting Hill has long been an Instagrammers paradise. Having visited recently it was nice to see the beauty of Notting Hill and take photos from afar. Please remember, as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing the outside of these houses are, many of them are private homes. I was so sad to see signs on so many asking people not to hang their clothes on the railings or stand on their doorsteps. By all means, head along and take pictures from afar, or even on the street, but make sure you respect people’s privacy too. While in Notting Hill be sure to check out Biscuiteers, not only do they have the most wonderfully beautiful cookies that taste incredible but they have a gorgeous shop front too. 
Tube: Notting Hill Gate, Ladbroke Grove

There are so many other places in London which are Instagrammable too so I will definitely be writing up a sequel to this at a later date. Where are your favourite places to take beautiful photos in London?

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