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The playlist that changed everything

I am not sure where I stopped believing in myself, somewhere between 2020 being the year from hell and a global pandemic I suspect, but alas it happened. I stopped believing I had what it took, I stopped feeling like I could do anything and I stopped having faith in myself and my abilities. I always believed that I was strong, I was powerful and I could achieve the things that I set my mind too. 

I believed that until I didn’t. 

But then I did one simple thing, I sat down one dreary Sunday to do some work, stuck my headphones on my head and put on my kick ass Spotify playlist that I had been avoiding for months and right there the game changed. I remembered who I was and despite all the cr*p that 2020 had thrown my way I remembered what I am capable of.

The songs were a reminder

I am not saying that the playlist was the key to everything but it made a difference and it made me remember who I was before 2020 pushed me down. I even messaged a friend and said to her “I don’t know when I stopped believing in myself but it stops now”. And I felt that.

So today I wanted to share with you this playlist that woke me and changed the game. It reminded me in a few simple tracks who I am and that I am more than what 2020 tries to tell me I am, and I want to share that with you guys.

If you feel like this or 2020 has pushed you down somewhat I hope you listen to some of these songs and feel some of what I felt. You are more than 2020 tells you that you are. You’ve got this.

The magic playlist that changes the world (maybe!)

Fight song – Rachel Platten

Speak Life – Toby Mac

Legendary – Welshly Arms

Rise – Danny Gokey

Brave – Sara Bareilles

Roar – Katy Perry

Hall of Fame – The Script ft

Rise up – Andra Day

The Comeback – Danny Gokey

Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

The Champion – Carrie Underwood ft Ludacris

My Story – Big Daddy Weave

Girl on fire – Alicia Keys

Now I am open to adding to this list, so I would love to hear what songs make you feel invincible and like you can do and achieve anything. Let me know in the comments!

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