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My podcast interview with Sydney Delucchi

A couple of years ago I don’t think you would ever have got me to be brave enough to record a podcast but here I am, my first ever podcast interview on The Daily Squish Report Podcast with Sydney Delucchi

Sydney and I met on Instagram way back when, I think when we were both pregnant with our daughters, and we’ve followed along with each others lives ever since as we navigate motherhood, raising our businesses and doing all the things with a little bit of coffee and a lot of humour. We both work in a similar industry too so it’s always great to get together and have a chat about what we do as we figure out this crazy life of working in our dream careers and raising our beautiful girls.

When I got the opportunity to feature as a guest on her podcast I knew I had to, she is someone that inspires me everyday and I love watching her do all the business things, all the mum life things and rocking at it all.

I jumped on with Sydney to chat about my motherhood while raising my daughter, how I almost chucked it all in before maternity leave and why having my daughter made me flip 180 on a business I thought I was done with. Mindset shift or what?!

I am talking about how I do, why I do it, what I’ve been learning about Pinterest, reaching 100k on the platform, my free Pinterest guide and why I am loving my new little gig of creating Lightroom Presets too. Everything and more about my business and why I am still here rocking it today. Also I had the pleasure of being the first international guest too, how awesome is that!

If you want to check it out you can check it out wherever you get your Podcasts, just search for The Daily Squish Report with Sydney Delucchi, oh, and don’t forget to subscribe too.

You can also take a listen on the link below too!

Hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear what you think!

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