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How to hand make Mochi

If you have ever visited Yo! Sushi or even spent some time at a Japanese restaurant then you have probably heard of Mochi. I have always been a huge fan of visiting YO! Sushi but unfortunately here in Hertfordshire, we don’t have any even close. A Yo! Sushi visit always means a trip to London and it’s not something I achieve very much these days.

I have been a massive Mochi fan ever since I first went to Yo! Sushi and I even had some at an all-you-can-eat Sushi place in Florida when I was there last summer. Is it just me or there is something totally yummy about the soft, chewy feeling of Mochi?

As I don’t get to sushi restaurants very often I decided it was time to try and make my own and have some on hand so we could enjoy it whenever we so wished.

mochi ice cream on the wooden tray
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Download my mochi recipe

If you’re looking for a great mochi recipe that will make you an abundance of mochi then you can download my free printable PDF below. You can refer to it straight from your phone or computer.

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It’s not easy to constantly have to come back to a website, or even use a website in the first place, to take your recipe. I create these free printables to allow you to store them on your phone, or computer or print them off to allow you to take these recipes and refer to them as and when needed.

If you are anything like me you probably make a great recipe, maybe save it in Pinterest, and never find it again.

I hope that by providing these recipes as a PDF that you can keep you will be able to find it again and again.

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