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Eco friendly swaps we have made

Today I wanted to share with you some of the eco friendly changes we have made in our home and in our lives. We have been on an eco friendly journey for a couple of years now, making wiser choices, swapping things out where we see we can and also building our eco friendly items up slowly and surely.

I recently filmed a comprehensive video on Youtube and IGTV, which I will link below so you can check it out, but I also wanted to share a little about our journey and why you don’t need to run out and purchase everything all in one hit.

Like I said above, our journey to being more eco friendly is still ongoing and it is a conscious effort day in and day out but the most important thing I wanted to come on and share with you is that you don’t have to jump in head first, spend a lot of money on reusable or more eco friendly items. On face value items seem a lot more expensive but when you weigh up how many times you will reuse them and how much money you will be saving not having to constantly repurchase items you will ultimately be saving money – and also the planet.

I did the same with my eco friendly journey as I did with my cloth nappy journey and that was start slow and add things a long the way. You don’t have to replace everything all in one go but instead try one thing at a time.

The video shows extensively the items that we have bought into our life and home and I’ll list below some links incase you want to try them out for yourself.

Kevona Sandwich bags: *

Beeswax wraps: *

Keep leaf sandwich cover:

Eco friendly cloths: 

Jangeus cloths:

Bamboo reusable cotton rounds: *

Bambino Mio:

Close Parent:

Tots Bots:


Muslin Z: *

* These items are affiliate links. This means when you purchase through this link I get a small payment at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support for my small business.

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