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5 Weaning essentials I couldn’t live without!

If you’re a follower of this blog or you are following along with my parenting journey over on Instagram (or maybe even Facebook) the you will know that I have some key weaning items that I love, that I share and that I talk about all the time and I wanted to share today some of the things that I love, that I use every single day and that I absolutely couldn’t live without!

baby plate with pancakes

The IKEA highchair

I think at this point anyone who has weaned a baby knows that this chair is beyond popular and the price of it is something ridiculous like £15 all in, which is incredibly affordable compared to some of the other options on the market. We actually have two high chairs (the IKEA one we purchased and we were given a brand new Mama’s & Papa’s) and we definitely prefer the IKEA one in just about every area. It’s so easy to clean, she loves sitting in it and I love that you can remove the tray and she can sit at the table with ease when she is old enough. 10/10 from us! You can pick up the high chair from any IKEA store or order online.

Tots Ahoy! Wipe clean floor mat

We are lucky that in our dining area we have a wooden floor so it is very easy to wipe clean but I still put this mat down*, and honestly, it makes clearing up after dinner so easy. As we’re doing baby-led weaning with Hadley meal times can be quite a messy affair but with this floor mat it’s easy to wipe clean, catches everything and also has a nonslip underneath which works great on the wooden floor, Lino, tile, and carpet.

weaning mat

Bamboo Bamboo suction plate

I have to admit, at the moment this one is a little bit more for me than it is for her, but I absolutely love it. When I was getting ready to wean Hadley I followed a load of weaning accounts on Instagram and everyone had all these beautiful plates and I knew I had to have one. I decided that Hadley (I mean, me) would really love the bunny one*. All jokes aside though it’s a great plate for weaning. It has a suction bottom so she can’t pull it off the high chair tray, it has sections for different parts of her dinner and it is easy to keep clean. If you’re wondering if you should get one…you definitely should.

Nuby Sectional Plate

Another plate we have, that I picked up in Aldi during a baby event when Hadley was a newborn, is the Nuby sectional plate and we have it in the shape of a Monkey. Like the Bamboo Bamboo plate, it is great for having different parts of her dinner in sections (although it often all ends up together) and also stays firmly on the high chair tray too.

Mam 2-in-1 training cup

While we are giving Hadley some water every day with her food we decided to go with the MAM 2-in-1 training cup*. It’s great because it has the same flow teat as we use on her MAM bottles, it has handles to help her hold it when the time comes and also has a different teat for when she is ready later on. 

Nuby Steamer

I’ve used this more than I ever thought I would! Something else I picked up at Aldi, but after a baby event this time so it was really reduced, and I have used it loads. It’s a microwaveable steamer with a masher and is great for doing softer veggies if that’s what you’re looking for. I love to use it if I am mashing up veggies to go in something (like pinwheels or frittata etc).

What are you weaning essentials that you couldn’t live without?

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