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2021 and beyond: What plans I have for this year

I never set resolutions, I sometimes set goals but I always have plans. After 2020 and not really knowing my arse from my elbow all year I decided that maybe goals wasn’t the way to go (especially as I usually tie goals to business endeavours (rightly or wrongly). I plan on taking maternity leave from early May (with baby due late May) I didn’t really want to feel like there was a ton of pressure for me to do everything in a couple of months, especially in the middle of a pandemic. So instead this year I have plans and intentions. If I achieve them great, if I don’t, well I’ll probably be closer to achieving them if I had never set out to make a change at all.

Drink more water

This is one of those things that I should probably already do but I don’t think I do enough of. So 2021 I plan on ensuring that I am drinking a lot more water to help me stay healthy but also because keeping hydrated will help my migraines no end.

Weekly yoga & mindfulness

Since I reached 14 weeks I re-enrolled back into yoga and have been taking a weekly pre-natal yoga class. I love that one hour a week just for me and it’s definitely my goal to keep going until this little one is born. After labour I will stop until I am ready again, but I will continue my daily mindfulness practice throughout my pregnancy and beyond.

Continue to declutter and minimalise

2020 was huge for us when it came to decluttering and minimalising, but I know there is still more we can achieve. I have a few places left in my house (really not many) so my goal this year is to finish them off and finally be completely decluttered and living with less.

Get back to writing for me

For almost 15 years I have been a digital creator, both personally and professionally and my time in this sphere is done, and I am really happy to be closing this chapter. One of my intentions for the year is this, to be here, writing what I want to write about, for me.

Working as a digital creator and social media manager for so long has been incredible and so much fun, but I have bigger goals and different dreams when it comes to my career now. I’ll be taking some time off to spend with my children after the birth of my second child (a full year of maternity leave and maybe more) but when I am ready I already have plans.

More time outdoors

We love spending time outside, trekking through the mud or feeling the sunshine on our heads, so time in the great outdoors is definitely a big plan for the year. We’re excited to have our daughter take part in 1000 hours outside this year (so that she can clock up hours with either of us, or maybe even her nanny).

Did you set yourself anything you want to achieve this year?

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